MercsLife is a community centered around the mercenary experience in Star Citizen. With Field Guides to bolster your skills, Gear Reviews to help you choose, Tricks and tips for success, and a myriad of feature videos to keep you entertained, MERCSLIFE brings the tools, knowledge and community to enrich your play.

Completely new to Star Citizen?
Getting the game:

Buying and Installing

Star Citizen is a huge resource-hog in its current state and while potatoes might be able to run it, a few things are MANDATORY. The game must be installed on an SSD for your sanity. SC will take up around 120GB! Having more than 16GB of RAM will help quite a bit, and a 1070+ graphics card with a modern processor is definitely recommended. YMMV
View the telemetry to see where your rig might land.

Initial Setup and recommended settings

Now that you've pulled the trigger on a Star Citizen package, get yourself set up to play. Yes, you can set up the game and flight controls however you like, but that's why these are recommendations. Hit up the comments if you think you've got a better way. Setting these things in this way will get you ready for the How to Fly and Your First Mission field guides.

Choose a starting location:

New Babbage, planet Microtech

Corporate and modern, cold, beautifully stark. If Apple made a city.

Orison, planet Crusader

Utopian cherry-blossoms in the clouds of a gas giant

Lorville, planet Hurston

Dystopian, oppressive, dirty, industrial. We love it.

Area 18, planet ArcCorp

Cyberpunk AF on a planet made of megacities.

Now that you're a star-person,
become a merc

Field Guide - Loadmaster Role


Why and how this guy's a most important crewmember.

Field Guide - Profession Endorsements


Mining - FPS/By Hand

Fill up a backpack with tasty morsels

Mining - ROC (Ground Vehicle)

The ins and outs of wheeled miners

Mining - Prospector

The OG Rock-laser

Mining - MOLE (1-4 crew)

Graduating to the big leagues


Salvage - FPS/By Hand

Fill up some cans with tasty sludge for repair...

Salvage - Vulture

The ins and outs of the quintessential Tweaker-RV

Salvage - Reclaimer

Multicrew REQUIRED. The Big Boy.

Bounty Hunting

Security Contracting