All things mercenary in the universe of Star Citizen

Focusing on the lived experience in the 'verse. MercsLife Magazine covers topics dear to the heart of mercenary characters in the game Star Citizen.

In or out of the cockpit, Mercs are a necessary fact of life in Star Citizen. With massive ships requiring huge crews and with complicated mechanics like engineering, damage control, gunnery, and maintenance, it's important to be a good captain and have good crew.

Whether you're a captain of a large vessel, or a lowly Merc paid to swab a deck, MercsLife Magazine has articles and entertainment to keep you abreast of game changes and best practices, while providing an entertaining glimpse into the life of regular mercenaries with boots on the ground.

So come on and join us by subscribing to the YouTube channel, joining the Discord, and maybe even get your own MercsLife Certification to become a certified mercenary that crews can trust.

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